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Medicare and Medi-Cal

Medicaid is called Medi-Cal in California.

Medi-Cal has different levels. Some people lose their Medi-Cal once they are eligible for Medicare. But still, many others qualify for both. So they get both Medicare and Medi-Cal, which is referred to as Medi-Medi.

If you qualify as full Medi-Medi with no cost share, or will qualify soon, you get Parts A and B of Medicare, and then you have the option of getting only a Part D prescription plan with your Medi-Medi, or you can get an Parts C&D no-monthly-cost Advantage HMO to go with your Medi-Medi. As a full no-cost-share Medi-Medi you would most likely not be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan but only for an Advantage plan.

Many people opt for getting the no-monthly-cost Advantage HMO plan anyway because it offers extra benefits such as free rides to the doctor, and free gym membership etc.

At the Social Security office, they have representatives who can show you what you qualify for regarding Medi-Medi.

If you want a no-monthly-cost Parts C & D Advantage HMO, we can send you a brochure.

For people who do have Medi-Cal but have a cost share, you definitely want to get either a Medicare Supplement  and a Part D or a Part C Advantage  plan with Part D.

One thing you should know is that Medi-Cal comes with a price at the back end. Meaning even if you qualify for it, the state will want to recover it's costs after you die. Even assets that were not countable for your eligibility, would be countable for the state to come after upon your death. The exception to the state cost recovery process is if you still have a spouse living, or disabled or under age children.


So all things considered, get if if you need it, but if you can do without it, it may be worthwhile to leave it.

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