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Medicare does not cover Dental, Eyeglasses, or Hearing Aids. What you get from a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan as an add-on directly with that plan is often cheap or free but very limited in benefit or choice, or is too expensive for what you get. We've found the following plan described below to be very popular with our clients and very reasonably priced. Since you can use the below plan anywhere, it can even be used in conjunction with other freebie benefits you may get from the Supplement or Advantage plan.

Dental Vision Hearing All-In-One Plan

Policy year maximum benefit $1500 total combined across dental, vision and hearing. 

There are no networks for this all-in-one plan, meaning you can go to any dentist, optometrist or hearing center you want.

Policy deductible: $100 

The $1500 annual benefit is a pool of money whose benefit you can split among either hearing, vision, or dental coverage. If you need it all for hearing you can use it that way. If not, you can use some or all of it on vision benefits or dental benefits for that year, but each thing does NOT get $1500, it is combined. 


Dental Benefit

  • Year one: only exams, cleaning, x-rays, fillings and extractions are covered at up to 60% of cost (up to annual maximum of $1500 or less if money used for hearing or vision). However, no preexisting conditions are covered in the first year. This means that if you knew you needed a filling for example, it wouldn't be covered in the first year because that is a preexisting condition.

  • Year two: major services like bridges, crowns, full or partial dentures, and root canals are covered up to 70% (up to annual maximum of $1500).

  • Year three + : everything covered at 80% (up to annual maximum of $1500)

Vision Benefit

Basic eye exam, eye glasses or contact lenses (except in the first 6 months eyeglasses and contact lenses are not covered).

  • Year one: covered at up to 60% of cost.

  • Year two: covered at up to 70% of cost

  • Year three +: covered at up to 80% of cost

Hearing benefit

  • Year one: Only Hearing exam covered-- 60% of cost.

  • Year two: Exam, Hearing aid, repair of hearing aid, etc covered at 70% (up to annual maximum benefit of $1500),

  • Year three +: Exam, Hearing aid, repair of hearing aid, etc covered at 80% up to annual maximum. benefit of $1500)

Monthly Cost for this All-in-one Plan is $38 or $41, depending on your age.

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