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We deliver to you: 

  1.  A MEDICARE Seminar in your pajamas - on demand

  2.  A Long Term Care Seminar in your pajamas - by Appointment

Check out the LINK bars and descriptions below

What A & B cost and what they cover and when to enroll. What you'll need or not need from an insurance plan (C or Supplement, D etc.) and those costs. And what is not obvious but is important to know about the differences between Supplement plans and Advantage plans. 

Use our ChatBot and in SECONDS discover what kind of Medicare Plan may be more suitable for you.

A short video that walks you through how to use the government website to easily sign up for Parts A and B online. When  you know what you are doing and how to avoid the pitfalls, it only takes about 8 minutes. Time and hassle saved!

PDF Guides that walk you through what you need to do to enroll online in Parts A and B of Medicare

Enrollment periods? We don't need no stinkin' enrollment periods! Well, actually you mostly do. It's crucial to know what enrollment periods apply to what people and what plans before you make your initial decision, or you may be stuck.

What dental, vision and hearing is covered in Medicare plans and what isn't. Hint: what most plans cover is not much if anything, but inside you'll  discover the very best dental vision and hearing coverage I have ever seen for a very decent cost. I bought this for myself.

What you provide:

And a

phone or computer

What we provide:

Everything else!

Video Tutorials!

Answers to great questions!

Contact info at your fingertips!

How to drastically lower your prescription costs if you are in a lower income bracket, or mildy lower them if you are middle to higher income.

If you currently have health coverage you plan on keeping past age 65 how will all this work with Medicare and what will you need and/or not need to avoid Medicare fines and late penalties?

Don't call me a "Senior Citizen"... Well, unless you have a discount for me :) A list of senior citizen discounts at all kinds of stores, theaters, restaurants and so forth. Why pay more?

If you have VA (thanks for your service!) do you also get Medicare, and how does it coordinate? 

How does it work with Medicare if you will also have Medi-Cal? Can you have both and if so how will it work and do you get anything else?

What to do about Long Term Care coverage?

The answers might surprise you!

3 Key tips to Medicare Plan Search

What is a my Social Security account and why do you need one? It gives you access to your social Security information, but wait, there's more. You have to have an online account in order to sign up online for Medicare Parts A and B. It may or may not be as easy as it seems to get your account. I've documented my own experience on this page.

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Alondra Becerra-Rodriguez

Alondra works hard to keep everything running. She takes care of submitting applications and sending out mail and managing many more things in the office.

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Lee is the agent and founder of PGA Financial Insurance Services and is available to answer questions and help clients.. Having helped hundreds upon hundreds of people get Medicare going, he brings a wealth of experience and occasionally a little humor.

Lee Martinson
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